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Our Latest Products and Projects Setting new standards in exhaust and intake duct termination.

Benefits of the XVent box Eliminate the concern of water intrusion, mold & mildew, pests, debris and energy loss

  • NO Water Intrusion

    The molding process creates a monolithic box cavity that combined with an integrated balanced gravity dampers X Vent Box provides a superior barrier against wind driven rain.  Our products successfully prevents water from breaching the exterior building envelope, even in extreme conditions like hurricanes or high wind event.

  • Improved Air Quality

      Differences in air moisture content and/or temperatures between interior and exterior can create conditions in which mold thrives and the deterioration of construction materials accelerates.

  • Eliminate Noise

    When wind encounters the basic vent cap it rattles the damper (if there is any), or even rips it off.  People in beach/lakefront residences often find themselves kept up at night by wind. Our unique design makes use of windy conditions to make the damper close more securely, eliminating wind generated noises.

  • Prevents Nesting

    The front louver allows for proper air flow but prevents birds or other creatures from taking residence. Dealing with animal feces, and noise associated with nest-building, are not pleasant either. Our design makes it “Critter Proof” preventing birds or squirrels to access the duct, and insect access unlikely.

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